Live Webinar

: 21 April

2 PM GMT / 10 AM ET

Building on their shared experience in managing effective anti-fraud professional communities, we want to know how we can do better. The panel discussion will focus on how to build and share knowledge on evolving fraud attacks efficiently, and how businesses can collaborate better in a traditionally sensitive field.

We will demonstrate some disturbing examples of cybercriminal knowledge sharing forums, and each panelist will give their own unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges of collaboration among the anti-fraud community. We will seek to gather actionable recommendations that we can implement to cover the information sharing gap.

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  • Opening & Presenting agenda
  • Demonstration of fraudster knowledge sharing boards
  • Open gathering of recommendations from the audience on how we could improve
  • Introductions from our guests
  • Practical advice on efficient collaboration between anti-fraud departments
  • Discussion of pros and cons
  • Concluding & Recap

Bence Jendruszak

Founder and COO