Truly Powerful Fraud Management

Fight fraud in real-time with SEON’s advanced tools that help your online business prevent more than 90% of attacks.

  • Day one protection
  • Security within hours
  • Real-time data enrichment
  • Flexible integration
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1+ billion

transactions reviewed

€160+ billion

saved from fraudsters

Faster Risk Management,
Stronger Fraud Prevention

Advanced protection

SEON runs real-time checks on 50+ digital and social platforms, so you can better understand who your customers are while catching fraudsters before they can harm your business.

Zero friction

Keep your online platform as fast as possible. SEON runs silently and seamlessly in the background without interfering with the sign-up process.

Built & run by fraud experts

Whether you need help with integration or customizing risk rules, our experienced team is available globally – at no additional cost.


Build The Ultimate in Fraud Prevention

SEON lets you customize and create the perfect protection for your business
with flexible risk management and modular APIs.

Gather real-time user insights
from 50+ platforms

Build better customer profiles, filter out fraudsters, and reduce costs on identity checks. SEON enriches users’ email addresses and phone numbers with data from 50+ digital and social platforms in real time.


Spot suspicious users
and uncover fraud rings

Identify high-risk logins, user connections, multi-accounting attempts, and bot attacks faster than ever with hundreds of unique device data points.


Combine AI with human insights
to find patterns

Lean on our machine learning engine to create complex rules and beat fraudsters without ever giving up control. Improve the accuracy of your fraud detection over time with SEON’s scoring engine.


Test It Out Live! ico-01-white ico-01-blue

See how SEON enriches data in real time.

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Enter the email, phone number, or IP address you want to analyze.

Why Our Customers Love SEON

5,000+ digital brands use SEON to protect their business against fraud
and discover new revenue opportunities. Here’s how.

  • Eliminate bonus and promo abuse
  • Reduce false positives and maximize revenue
  • Stop multi-accounting
  • Protect your players from account takeovers

SEON radically improved our fraud prevention efficiency. The automation saves us time and effort that we can now dedicate to improving and updating our current procedures, policies, and rules.

Vladislav Notevskyi

Head of KYC at Soft2Bet

  • Reduce fraud without added friction during signup
  • Improve credit risk scoring with alternative data
  • Block high-risk users and transactions
  • Save costs on expensive KYC checks

SEON’s blacklisting system is very flexible and well-suited for our needs in Nigeria. We’re also happy to get one of the best customer support. The team is always interested to learn how they can make our lives easier.

Juris Rieksts-Riekstins

Head of Risk at FairMoney

  • Reduce fraud without added friction during signup
  • Improve credit scoring with live social data
  • Automate risk decisions
  • Save costs on expensive KYC checks

We now use the returned data from SEON’s social media profiling both to confirm identities and as a debt-collection tool to contact non-paying customers.

Kaspars Magaznieks

Fraud Manager at Sun Finance

  • Ensure a frictionless customer journey
  • Detect suspicious profiles and synthetic IDs
  • Reduce chargebacks and never pays
  • Save costs on expensive KYC checks

What we do is create custom SEON rules, test them, and combine them with credit bureau data to build our own fuzzy logic. It accelerates credit scoring down to under a minute, with zero added friction.

Coert Snyman

Senior Analyst at Biller

  • Decrease chargeback rates
  • Reduce false positives and maximize revenue
  • Flag high-risk users and merchants
  • Discover patterns in fraudulent transactions

Our team instantly fell in love with SEON’s outstanding UX and UI. And the features kept impressing us, as blacklisting is a key feature for us.

Sándor Kiss

CEO at Barion

  • Detect suspicious profiles and synthetic IDs
  • Decrease chargeback rates
  • Reduce false positives and maximize revenue
  • Improve AML compliance

All the anti-fraud tools we looked at could have helped to some extent, but none of the companies we contacted offered as much freedom as SEON when it comes to custom filters.

Gábor Galántai

COO and Founder at CoinCash

  • Reduce fraud without added friction during signup
  • Reduce chargebacks and false refunds
  • Prevent scam listings and fake reviews
  • Detect fraudulent bots and user connections

As soon as our staff used SEON on a regular basis, they could see its value. So much so, that the time spent by Air France analysts on manual reviews is down by an impressive 70%.

Eric Facquet

Deputy Manager of Fraud Prevention at AirFrance

  • Create a frictionless shopping experience
  • Reduce chargebacks and false refunds
  • Eliminate gift card and coupon abuse
  • Flag suspicious transactions automatically

We wanted a solution that was easy to test, had transparent scoring, and was highly customizable. It also needed to analyze user reputation based on email address and IP. SEON covered all those needs and more by having a dedicated support team and a good price.

Hugo Monteiro

Product Lead at E-GOI

Leader in Fraud Detection on G2

Based on 200+ reviews, SEON stands as the #1 fraud detection tool in G2's Winter'22 Report
with 98% of users highly recommending us.

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See What's Under the Hood

Check our 10-minute product video and discover how you can detect fraud in real time.

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Getting Started With SEON?
It Couldn't Be Simpler.

Quick & easy setup

Set up and go live from day one with SEON’s easy-to-use interface and no-code process.

Frictionless integration

SEON’s flexible risk management and modular APIs work seamlessly with your existing systems. 

Try it for free for 30 days

After your demo, you'll be able to try SEON for free for 30 days – zero commitments.

Expert customer support

Get professional assistance, advice, and proactive insights from our team, at no extra cost.

Fight Fraud From Day One

Book a quick call with us to learn how SEON can help you stop fake users, fraudulent signups, and risky transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does SEON identify fraudulent activity?

SEON identifies fraud by enriching data based on users’ email, IP, phone number, andlocation and by harnessing device fingerprinting, machine learning, and predictive scoring.

What makes SEON unique?

Everyone has a digital footprint – email addresses and phone numbers are like digital passports, building a history as people use them around the web.

SEON uncovers this digital footprint to confirm if your customers are real people. Fraudsters cannot convincingly imitate a good user’s digital footprint – and even if they try, such efforts don’t scale.

SEON is the next generation of fraud prevention, utilizing social and digital signals and the speed of machine learning. Cut back on manual review or accelerate your internal processes drastically thanks to hundreds of data points, our powerful machine learning toolset and our fraud-fighting experience.

Does SEON help scammed individuals?

No, we do not work with scammed individuals. SEON is a fraud prevention tool offered to companies and other organizations that need help to reduce the costs and resources lost to fraudulent activities.

Does SEON provide ID verification?

SEON does not provide ID document verification, but it can contribute to filtering out fraudulent users before expensive KYC and ID verification.

Integration and Coverage

Does SEON offer services worldwide?

Yes, we offer our services worldwide. Check out some of the 5000+ global brands that work with us.

For what industries does SEON provide fraud prevention services?

SEON can help any company that faces fraud, no matter the industry. Among the most popular industries where our customers operate are:

  • Banking, Neobanks & Insurance
  • iGaming & Gambling
  • Online Lending
  • Ecommerce
  • Travel & Ticketing
  • BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later)
  • Payment Gateways
  • Crypto & Trading
Is SEON compliant from a data sharing perspective?

Yes, we have taken all the steps necessary to remain compliant, including:

  • Fraud prevention is a legal basis for processing data under the GDPR.
  • Our EU infrastructure: servers, databases are based in the EU (Dublin, Ireland) on AWS – if you need a certificate from them, we can provide that for you as well.
  • Access to our production database is tightly controlled and secured through dedicated, whitelisted VPN and encrypted keys.
  • SEON's standard agreement includes taking responsibility for data privacy.
  • We have an appointed Data Protection Officer.
  • We are registered as a data processor at the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection.

For more details, please check out our blog post about data compliance.

Our compliance efforts are not focused only on Europe but on every highly regulated region where our customers operate, including Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Does SEON offer chargeback guarantee?

No. We work with a microtransaction model, because we believe this is the only option that does not result in a conflict of interest between you and us. With the chargeback guarantee model, you have no control over your risks. Fraud prevention vendors who offer chargeback guarantees tend to decline even low-risk transactions – just to protect themselves from having to pay up, so they’re on the safe side. The result? You can end up potentially losing good customers and profit. At SEON, we help you monitor each transaction for a very low unit price – this way, you can automate who you'll block or allow to purchase based on your risk appetite. Read our in-depth comparison of these pricing models in our blog post here.

How do I set up SEON?

You can start using SEON right away through our Admin Panel or our Chrome extension. Sign up here to get started.

To get the best results, easily set up low-code API integrations at multiple touchpoints such as signup, login, payment processing. You can also schedule a kick-off meeting with our team, where we will walk you through the most important features and help you be safer from day one.

Have a Specific Question?

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