How to assess credit worthiness using alternative data

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SEON Webinar ico-06


Thursday December 7, 2023


10AM EST / 4PM CET / 8:30PM IST


In this webinar you’ll learn how digital profiling can reveal your customer’s income and credit risk, helping you expand globally while reducing your risk of loan default. We’ll present our global data to share the regional insights and trends we’re seeing.

We’re thrilled to be joined by Cecilia Lopez, Head of Decisioning at Carbon, a leading loan app in Nigeria. She’ll be sharing her own experiences and best practices using digital profiling to assess credit risk.

You'll also learn:

  • How alternative credit data solves some of the shortcomings of traditional credit scoring
  • The typical digital footprint we see across regions
  • Digital signals that can indicate wealth and disposable income
  • Best practices, insights and lessons from a peer in the industry


Photo of Cecilia Lopez
Cecilia López Head of Decisioning Carbon

Cecilia López leads the Data Science and Credit Risk teams at Carbon as the Head of Decisioning. She is an Actuary with 15 years of experience in banking, predictive modeling, and risk assessment, specializing in credit risk, as well as the optimization and automation of business processes.

Your Presenters:

Photo of Daniel Sebes
Daniel Sebes

Director of Strategic Growth at SEON

Photo of Cecilia Lopez
Cecilia López

Head of Decisioning at Carbon