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Cut Fraud Attempts by 90%

Get 24/7 real time protection with white-box machine learning fraud detection & intuitive Admin Panel to make your fraud team's life easier.
Deploy advanced device fingerprinting & real-time social profile data enrichment to fight fraud! SEON helps you verify users and identify fraudsters based on a single email address, phone number or IP address.
Get started in hours! SEON is easy to integrate and our 24/7 customer support will guide you through all the setups.
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Quickly prove ROI thanks to our 30-day free trial and transparent pay-as-you-go pricing. Forget about hidden costs or multi-year contracts, just scale your operations with complete peace of mind with SEON!

👍 Real-Time Data Enrichment

Ditch stale databases - validate user identity in seconds based on users' IP, email address or phone number. Receive enhanced risk scoring within just 200ms.

👍 Easy Integration with No Setup Fees

Perform instant batch lookups or deploy our tech in a few hours with well-documented REST APIs. Add an extra security layer or full prevention system with no upfront costs.

👍 White-Box Machine Learning

Discover complex fraud patterns, uncover fraud rings with the combination of ML and device fingerprinting. Our white-box AI algorithm suggests clear, human-readable rules and retrains itself numerous times a day to improve accuracy - so you don't have to.

Top-Rated Fraud Detection

How Patreon Fights Fraud with SEON

Our customers at Patreon were fighting with slow manual reviews to identify fraud payments on their platform.

“What was at stake with lengthy reviews was the relationship with the customer. They may not appreciate you reaching out to verify that $1,000 payment. So we risked upsetting the patron and then the creator too, if they’re waiting for that payment to go through."

After implementing SEON, manual payment verification time dropped from 24 hours to only 30 mins - thanks to more accurate data points.

"SEON has become baked into our process. it would be a blow if we had to continue on without it. Not just the tool in and of itself, but all the requests we’ve made for changes or adjustments to the team. It’s been a really good relationship between our two companies."





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